Animals of the Vogelstrausskluft: Caracal
whole farmarea
(Lynx, Rooikat, caracal caracal)

The Caracal can be found in all dry areas of Africa and the Near East and is maybe one of the most beautiful cats there is. With its, in comparison to its body, long legs it reaches a shoulder height of up to 45cm and a length of more than 80cm. In Namibia and southern Africa it's often called »Rooikat« (red cat) because of its reddish-brown colour. The name »Caracal« originally is Turkish and means as much as »black ear« which is referred to the long black brushes on its ears.

Caracals are mainly nocturnal animals. During the day they hide in caves, underneath tree-roots or in abandoned earths of aardfarks or porcupines. The skilled climbers mainly feed from birds but also hunt for smaller animals like antelopes, goats or sheep. Therefore they are very unpopular among farmers. In 1981 alone about 3000 »Rooikat« were killed in Namibia and even today the hunt for these animals still goes on, often illegally.

Caracals lead solitary lives and are very shy animals. The best chances to see one are during the early morning or late evening hours. They're spread over the complete farm area.

Population on Vogelstrausskluft: rare
Main Habitats: whole farm area

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