Animals of the Vogelstrausskluft: Mountain Zebra
Mountain Zebra
Plateau, Old Valley, Canyon Plains, Fish River Canyon
(Equus zebra hartmannae)

In contrast to the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra that lives in Namibia is quite widespread. Its habitat is the mountain ranges on the edge of the Namib, but it's also found in the desert itself. With a shoulder height of 1.3m the Hartmann's Zebra is slightly bigger than the Cape Mountain Zebra, but much smaller than the common savannah zebras. The animals can be identified by a well-defined dewlap below their throat and a slightly different pattern in their stripes.

Mountain Zebras are perfectly adapted to the life in the difficult terrain of a semi desert surrounding. To reach for water they manage even steep, rocky slopes or dig in dried out riverbeds to a depth of more than 1m. Therefore they play an important ecological role for the survival of other species in the desert that are not able to dig by their own but use the waterholes of the zebras.

The Hartmann's Zebra lives in permanent, non-territorial family herds. It's often seen in the company of ostriches or Springboks.

Population on Vogelstrausskluft: widespread
Main Habitats: Plateau, Canyon Plains, Old Valley,
Fish River Canyon

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